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What is Gemology Tools Professional?

Gemology Tools Professional is  software that resides on your computer. It is loaded with the tools of  the gemologist (see below). One thing it doesn't do is write appraisals  although the Custom Piece Calculator will generate text for each item that can help you with creating an  appraisal. This is helpful if you don't have appraisal specific  software.

What is In Gemology Tools Professional

  • Gemstone Database - The  Gemstone Database has over 500 gems listed. You have access to as much  as 35 items of information for each gem. Color & Light, the quarterly journal of  the International Gem Society calls the Gemology Tools Gemstone Database "the most complete data base of gem information ever assembled" Spring, 2004
  • Diamond Weight Estimator - View a Short Demonstration - This module allows the you to estimate diamond weights of 19  different shapes (round, princess cut, emerald cut, marquise etc) by  entering the length, width, depth and the girdle thickness of a diamond  (you can also add a percentage for variations). These are all industry  standard formulas so if you have a round brilliant diamond with  dimensions of 6.54 x 6.52 x 3.98 and a medium girdle thickness (and no  other adjustments) your estimated weight will be 1.04 carats. The weight screen will also tell that the Depth percentage is 60.9%. If you chose an oval brilliant with dimensions of 7.52 x 3.82 x 2.37 with a Slightly Thick girdle the weight screen will tell you it weighs approximately  0.48 carats, has 62.0% depth and has a Length-to-Width Ratio of 1.97 to 1 (Too Long).
  • Colored Stone Weight Estimator - This module allows you to accurately estimate colored stone gem  weights within industry standards. Automatically allows you estimate the weight of any gemstone in the Gemstone Database. Completely user  adjustable regarding girdle thickness and bulge factor. Easily add or  subtract any percentage from the industry standard gem formulas which  are visible with each of the 21 shapes.
  • Cabochon Weight Estimator - After years of frustration with the accuracy (or lack thereof) of  cabochon weight estimations we developed a separate and accurate system. This easy to use system leads you through four easy steps to arrive at a more accurate weight estimation.
  • Gemstone Separator - View a Short Demonstration. The Gemstone Separator, with the new Near Hits buffer zone, makes gem  identification SO much easier than ever before. Watch the Gems Hit Table shrink as you add your findings. Simple to use but very powerful when  you need help in nailing down difficult gemstone separations.
  • Inclusion Gallery - View a Short Demonstration. Includes the superb photomicrography of Martin Fuller, Peter Grumitt, Dr. Barbara Smigel, Matt Winward, Bob La Prad, Joe Tenhagen, Dr. Laurent SIKIRDJI, Mark Cartwright, John Huff, Barbra Voltaire, Ron and the Master of ALL inclusion microphotographers John Koivula (MicroWorld of Gems). Many other contributors add to the over 550 inclusions that are brought to life in the Inclusion Gallery.  The Inclusion Gallery  photomicrographs show you examples of such things as internal graining,  laser drilling, naturals, included crystals, feathers, laser  inscription, fractures and much more. These examples include colored stones as well as diamonds.

Laser Drilled Diamond, Gemology Tools Professional

Photomicrograph of internal laser drilling in a diamond.
Note the 3 branches to the inclusion mass.
From the Gemology Tools Inclusion Gallery.
Photo © 2013 Martin Fuller
  • Colored Stone Weight Estimator - This unit allows you to pick from any gemstone contained in the  Gemstone Database (over 500 gems). This allows you to get an industry  standard weight estimation on virtually any gemstone. Example: Oval  Andalusite: 10.11 x 7.55 x 4.33, medium girdle and moderate bulge (12%)  results in an estimated weight of 2.40 carats, 57.35% Depth Percentage  and a Length-to-Width Ratio of 1.34 to 1 (which falls into the Preferred range).
  • Cabochon Weight Estimator - This module lets you estimate the weight of any gem in the database  (over 570). Uses visual fine tuning of the side and end views for the  weight estimation.
  • NAJA Diamond Cut Grading - The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers developed their cut grading system. We make it EASY!
  • The Guide Akoya Pearl Grader - The Pearl Grading module is based on the grading system devised by The Guide from Gemworld International. Includes Akoya Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls, Black Tahitian Pearls and South Seas Pearls.
  • Gemology Review - View a Short Demonstration - This module is great for studying the field of gemology. Whether you are  prepping for a final or just want to learn more about gemology the  Gemology Review module will be an interesting aid. With over 900  questions in four subjects (Diamonds, Colored Stones, Gem Identification and Pearls, Metals and More) and three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium  and Hard) you will have hours of fun. Included in GT Gemstones!
  • Find a Gemstone - You  have instant access to over 2000 gemstone species, varieties, trade  names and misnomers at the touch of the Find a Gemstone button.
  • Custom Piece Calculator - This module calculates the value of a custom made piece of jewelry.  Its flexibility allows the user to enter all the data you have for the  item, including the metal type, gemstones, metal quality, metal price,  workmanship labor and more. When you are finished it will generate a  basic text output to the Windows clipboard making it simple to paste  into your word processor. This is very helpful if you don't have  appraisal specific software.
  • Gemology Glossary - A glossary of the gemstone, gemology and jewelry terms.
  • Gemstone Photos - Over 1270 photos of gems. Cut, rough, phenomenal and unusual. We add new gem photos on a regular basis.

Charoite, Gemology Tools Professional

Above: Charoite - Copyright © 2013 Bill Wise
  • Round Diamond Recut Planner - If you've ever had to estimate the weight loss of chipped diamond  that must be re-cut you know how difficult it is to make sure that you  are allowing for the proper angles. The Round Diamond Cut Analyzer will  keep things in line and tell you when that desired crown angle or table  size just isn't possible. For instance, if you have a diamond that has a large chip on the girdle you would select Retain Diameter and measure  the diameter of the diamond straight through the chip. This would give  you the smallest diameter. If you know the original carat weight before  the stone was chipped you would enter that for Carat Weight (otherwise  use the current weight).  Enter the table percentage, crown angle,  pavilion depth percentage and the girdle thickness percentage. Pressing  Enter at this point will bring up "ideal" diamond proportions. GT makes  it easy for you see what angles are needed for re-cutting.
  • Data Charts - There are  three Data Charts which give quick reference for Diamond Weights,  Baguette Weights and Colored Stone Weights. These charts are for QUICK  ESTIMATES only. You should always weigh the diamond (if loose) or use  the Diamond Weight Estimator (only available in Gemology Tools  Professional) to achieve more accurate results.
  • Card File - A simple to use card filing system for phone numbers and addresses.
  • Calculator - A pop-up calculator for any numerical questions the program doesn't handle (are there any?).
  • Appointment Calendar -  Keep track of all those appointments on this handy calendar. Also has an Alarm to notify you of an important event at a certain time.
  • Unit Converter - Enter a weight (say 27.8 Carats) and the Unit Converter will you that 27.8  carats equals 3.5751 DWTS, 5.56 Grams, 0.1961 Avoirdupois Ounces,  111.200 Pearl Grains or 0.1788 Troy Ounces. All at once. Also converts  Inches, Millimeters and Centimeters.
  • Specific Gravity Calculator -
  • Specific Gravity Estimator -
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