Gemology Links and Resources

Appraisers and Labs

Fuller & Associates - McLean, Virginia. Independent Jewelry, Gem & Silver Gemologist Appraisers.

Gail Brett Levine - PO Box 18, Rego Park, NY 11374 - 718.896.1536 Fax 718.997.9057

Steven Jordan FGA DGA , National Association of Goldsmiths' Institute of Registered Valuers' Valuer of the Year 2009. Jewellery valuation specialist, London, UK.

Appraisal Products

Professional Appraisal Software - From Quantum Leap. The world's preeminent Gems and Jewelry Appraisal Software.

Gemworld International - Publishers of the industry standard pricing guide "GemGuide," appraisal software and more.

Auction Market Resource - A pay-for-information web site adjunct to Auction Market Resource -  the book. Now, you can access over 6,000 jewelry data with color photos. Comprehensive resource for antique to contemporary jewelry auction  sales data - final prices, pictures of signatures, national and  international auction galleries information, descriptive and gemological details.

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Associations and Education

GEM-A - The Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great  Britain. Earn an FGA, the worlds best, and most difficult to obtain,  gemmology degree. - Learn all about gems, gemology, lapidary and more from IGS.

California Institute of Jewelry Training - The CIJT covers it all - gemology, jewelry arts, appraisal theory and  more. You can even get an FGA through them (the advanced gemmology  degree from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GEM-A).

NAJA - The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

Gemological Institute of America - Learn gemology.

Canadian Institute of Gemmology - Great site that translates into 5 languages.

Association of Jewellery Appraisers - A UK based Appraisal Organisation who's Certified Appraiser members  are all educated to FGA level and above. International applications for  membership are invited.

Free Online Gemology Course - Did she say free? YES, she did. Take Dr. Barbara Smigel's gemology  course today.  Photo  Contributor to Gemology Tools.

The Gemology Project - A gemology wiki where you can contribute your knowledge to the  project. Or get free gemology information. This amazing web site is  definitely a winner. You will love it.

Top Gemz - Welcome to the Mason-Dixon Rock, Mineral, Gemology, and Lapidary Club. We are located in south central Pennsylvania about 10mins from the Pa/Md border(the Mason-Dixon Line). We are a brand new club and the first of its kind in this area!
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Columbia Willamette Faceter’s Guild - The CWFG is a nonprofit organization located in Portland, Oregon and  dedicated to the advancement of faceting gemstones through education.

Gemology Blogs

GemWise - the blog by Richard Wise, author of the highly acclaimed book Secrets of the Gem Trade and his new novel The French Blue.

Gem Labs

Gemmology Institute of Southern Africa - Director Luke Charter.

Reference & Books

John Koivula's MicroWorld of Gems - Buy the books from the master of inclusion photography.

Gemworld International - Publishers of the industry standard pricing guide "GemGuide," appraisal software and more.

Secrets of the Gem Trade - The Connoisseur’s Guide to Precious Gemstones. By Richard W. Wise. If you buy gems you really can't afford to be without it!

GemologyOnline - This is a well designed gemology site. Especially first rate is their  Forum where you can get answers to any gemology question and see some  fantastic gemstones and inclusions! Great site!

Gem Addicts - We are a group/community or Professionals, Collectors, Connoisseurs, Gemologists, Geologists, Photographers, Scientists, Engineers, etc. that have gathered together to help educate the consumer, as well as anyone else who cares to learn, about gemstones, gemology, lapidary arts, jewelry, rock & mineral collecting, and any other areas related to the aforementioned.

Free Online Gemology Course - Did she say free? YES, she did. Take Dr. Barbara Smigel's gemology  course today. Or, if you live near Las Vegas, take her credit course at  the Community College of Southern Nevada. Sign up today! Photo  Contributor to Gemology Tools.

Adornment, The Newsletter of Jewelry & Related Arts is the only journal  published in the United States dedicated to the discussion of ancient,  antique, and period jewelry, costume jewelry and contemporary studio  jewelry. It also reports on objects of precious materials and historic  costume.

The Gemology Project - A gemology wiki where you can contribute your knowledge to the  project. Or get free gemology information. This amazing web site is definitely a winner. You will love it.

How to Measure Color - BYK Gardner - BYK Gardner strives to provide not only exceptional products, but also educational resources for everyone.

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Artistic Colored Stones - Wonderful site for faceted gems and cabochons. Very high quality  gems. You can also take the online gemology course offered by Prof.  Smigel. Photo Contributor to Gemology Tools.

Apsara - Very high quality gems specializing (but not limited to) Rubies and  Sapphires. Excellent inclusion photos on their site. Inclusion Photo  Contributor to GT Pro.

GemYes - Fine quality certified gemstones. Inclusion Photo Contributor to GT Pro. A wide variety of gemstones including some very rare stones such as Painite. A GT Pro photo contributor. - Why pay more for features that you won’t be able to appreciate with the naked eye? … that’s the Truth About Diamonds!

Gems By Jennifer - Our Gemstones will be in varying sizes from .01ct. to as large as  50cts.+ in weight. They will come in varying qualities as well so I will have gems & jewelry to fit anyone's budgets. You won't have to dream about owning  something, you will be able to own it! - Excellent site for faceted gems, cabochons and carvings.

Facet - Looking for some great faceting rough? There is some nice stuff here. Check it out. Photo Contributor to Gemology Tools. is a well known, trusted gemstone, rough, faceting supply web site.

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Opals Down Under - Buy opal direct from the source. Photo Contributor to Gemology Tools.

Silverhawk's Designer Gemstones - Interesting Chalcedony and much more with an Native American flair!

Unconventional Lapidarist - Great site for cut gems, rough, eggs, fossils, lapidary equipment,  spheres, beads, carvings and mineral specimens. They have it all. Photo  Contributor to Gemology Tools.

Pearl Bridal Jewelry - Shop for classic or contemporary pearl bridal jewelry for brides and bridesmaids at

Magnetic Response in Gemstones

Feral System of Magnetic Response in Gemstones - This site outlines the magnetic response system used in Gemology Tools Professional (beginning in version 9.0)

Sylvia Gumpesberger Paper Outlining Magnetic Response in Gemstones - Sylvia of Toronto, Canada, sparked my interest in the Magnetic Response of Gemstones with an email and this paper. Thank you, Sylvia!

Magnetic Susceptibility for Gemstone Discrimination - This paper by Dr. Don Hoover and Bear Williams really digs deep into the Magnetic Susceptibility of gems.

Magnetic Susceptibility, a Better Approach to Defining Garnets - Dr Don Hoover FGA FGAA (Hon.), Bear Williams, C. Williams FGA and C. Mitchell FGA take Magnetic Susceptibility to a new level in their effort to show how the major end-member
composition of any garnet may be confidently predicted by plotting RI against measured susceptibility.

Jewelry Business Products

GL-Gem Spectrometer - From the Canadian Institute of Gemmology

Sarin Diamond Grading Tools - A worldwide leader in the development of Diamond Grading systems, Gemology Tools and rough diamond optimization systems. - The ultimate luxury jewelry safes with industry security, designer styling, time tested quality, and white glove service.

Jewelry - JDesigns. Sterling Silver Jewelry, Handcrafted Jewelry. A Place where Quality Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry and happy customers meet! A great selection of jewelry pieces for men and women.
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