Frequently Asked Question's

Q: The program doesn´t calculate when I use the weight estimator. The only weight I get is 0,00ct. Tried different numbers including the ones in help. What's wrong with this program? 
This is a very simple solution to the decimal point, comma problem. In the U.S. they use the decimal point when writing a number, such as 1.25. In some other countries around the world the comma is the separator,  such as 1,25.  If you  want to work in a PC that is prepared to work with comma settings, JUST ALTER THE PATH IN THE SHORTCUT.
An example in my computer: the path is "C:\Program Files\Wise Jewelry Applications\GTProEU.exe"
To your customer, the path must be ”C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise Jewelry Applications\GTProEU.exe”(do not forget the initial and final “)
Instructions for customers:
1- Install the GTProEU.exe and prog.txt in the working directory
2- Just alter the shortcuts to call GTProEU.exe, instead of Gtools.exe.
THE ONLY thing you have to do is to alter the program name in the shortcut, to GTProEU.exe.

In 32 bit systems:
Modify the Desktop (or any other) shortcut from: "C:\Program Files\Wise Jewelry Applications\Gtools.exe" to:
"C:\Program Files\Wise Jewelry Applications\GTProEU.exe"

In 64 bit systems:
Modify all the shortcuts: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise Jewelry Applications\Gtools.exe”€ to:
”C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise Jewelry Applications\GTProEU.exe”€
It’s done. The customer should use always the point when he is using your program, until he leaves GT Pro.
No other programs will use the comma as decimal separator if GT Pro is open.
Written for Gemology Tools by Raul Berenguel, Portugal.

Q: When I try to find any magnetic response data in the GT Pro program, there is nothing there.
Is there anywhere that the data exists for using this type of testing?
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There are two areas to find magnetic response data in the program. The first is on the Data Page (double-click a gem to get there).


And the second is in the Separator. Below I have selected Drags in the Magnetic Response box. After pressing Query you can see there are 68 gems in the database that have a Drag response to the N-52  cylinder magnet (as this is written in June, 2013).


Q: What operating systems will  run GT Pro? 
GT Pro will run on any Microsoft Windows platform from Windows 95 through Windows 8.1.  We do not have a Mac version. However, we do have the web version which is available as a subscription. Find out more at www.gemologytoolsonline.com
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Q: Can I run GT Pro on my iPad? 
No, you cannot. However, in the Fall of 2014 we opened a web based version of the program which will run on an iPad. The web based version runs well on full sized tablets but I  run it on a smaller tablet like the  Mini. It  works  well on most smart phones. I haven't tried it on a phablet. Go here for more information on the web based app:  www.gemologytoolsonline.com

Q: Why Doesn't The Help File Work in Vista or Windows 7? 
Our Help system is old but it does what it needs to do without the frustration of the newer help systems. Microsoft decided to discontinue issuing the operating system file that runs  files. However, you can still download this small file if you use a validated Vista or Win 7 system. For Windows Vista, go to this site to download the file you need:  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=82148
For Windows 7, go to this site to download the file you need: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=91

There is a GT Pro Help web site located at www.gtprohelp.com

Q: I'm very concerned about spyware and adware. Does Gemology Tools (either the program or the web site) have any spyware or adware? 
A: NO!
 We are just as concerned about these plagues as you are. Gemology Tools, the program and the site, are completely virus, spyware and adware free. We will never sell your email address or send you spam.
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Q: I found an error in the Gemstone Database. Will you fix it? 
Our goal is to make Gemology Tools Professional error free. We don't like mistakes! If you find an error in any GT product you can get a free update of that product. Email us with your error and if our panel agrees there is a mistake you'll get a free download update of the current version (after we fix that error, of course!). If the panel doesn't agree that there is an error we will email you our findings with a complete explanation.

Q: How much hard disk space does this program use?
Once installed Gemology Tools Professional takes up a little more than 220 megabytes of hard drive space which is very small for a computer program these days.Q: How can I tell what version of Gemology Tools Professional I have? Click on the Help option on the top menu bar. The drop-down will display Help and About. Select About and an information window will appear thatle

Q: Why is there no manual with the program? 
First off, Gemology Tools Professional is so easy to use that a manual really isn't necessary. We developed a context-sensitive Help system which will handle about 95% of your questions. Whatever module you are in (Diamond Weight Estimator, Gemstone Database etc) click on the Help button and you will have help for that module. You won't have to go looking for it. Second, it became impossible to keep the manual current because of all the changes that were being made to the program.
There is a GT Pro Help web site located at www.gtprohelp.com
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Q: Does Gemology Tools do appraisals? 
No, Gemology Tools doesn't do appraisals but it makes many aspects of doing appraisal work easier. The diamond and colored stone weight estimators, the diamond cut grader, the pearl grader and the gemstone database are tools a working gemologist uses every day. If you're looking for jewelry appraisal software that works well in conjunction with Gemology Tools check out Gemworld International's "The Guide Appraisal Software" or Quantum Leap.

Q: What's the difference between the "over 500 gems in the database" and "access to over 1,900 gemstone species, varieties, trade names and misnomers?"
The Gemology Tools Gemstone Database contains over 500 entries of gemstone species and varieties. However, many gemstones have multiple trade names and/or misnomer names. For instance, consider Ammolite which is also known as Calcentine, Aapaok and Korite. These are all legitimate names for Ammolite (as opposed to misnomers which shouldn't be used at all but are included in Gemology Tools for the user's information). Rather than load up the database with multiple listings of the same gemstone we created the Find List. If you are looking for Calcentine in the database and don't find it (you won't) the next step is to open the Find List. Type Cal, hit the down arrow once and you've located Calcentine. Press Enter and you are taken to Ammolite in the Gemstone Database. It's simple and quick.
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